About - LHansonPhotography
The Photographer: Hello. My name is Lance Hanson. I have been shooting photography since 2006. I began shooting photography when I moved to Massachusetts for high school. While I left southern California for 3 years, I was introduced to mountain bikes. As I began riding with a great group of high school friends, I began picking up their cameras. I fell in love with capturing moments as we rode. It became a part of my lifestyle just as mountain biking did. You never saw me without my camera in high school. It was permanently attached to my hand then, and has been ever since. 

Background: I recently graduated from CSU LA with a Bachelors in Science: Industrial Technology. I am an avid mountain bike rider and racer to this day. I greatly enjoy the great outdoors whenever possible. I recently moved to Washington to be closer to the great outdoors.
Documenting through the lens is something that I live by. Since picking the camera up, I have strived each day to document everything from portraits to nature's beauty in the best possible way. I love talking and getting to know people, as you will find out as soon as you meet me. 

Coffee is always on me! Lets talk about your next shoot! 

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